Thursday, 23 April 2009

Big Dog, Their the Mutts!

We will soon have a range of boats from the new cats (hehe) on the scene!

Big Dog kayaks are a new White water focused company with some thing for every one.
The Big Dog Story
Launched in 2009 Big Dog Kayaks are entirely dedicated to the production of innovative White-Water kayaks.
Although the company is new, the key names in the Big Dog story need little introduction within either trade or paddling circles. Peter Orton, Jason Buxton and Andy "Snakey" Whiting have all held down influential development and managerial roles within the paddlesport industry. As paddlers they have represented the country on countless occasions. Many of the kayaks already accepted as benchmarks within white-water, sea, surf and squirt paddling were designed or developed by one or more of this team. Despite Big Dog being a new venture there really are few other companies, anywhere in the world, with this level of experience on their books.
Big Dog believes that its focus is its strength. Many companies are diversifying into other areas of paddlesports, leading to inevitable compromises within their organisational and development teams. Big Dog has only one focus, making the very best White-Water-Kayaks available!
Another of Big Dog's assets is that their whole management team actively paddle. So next time you see one of the trio out on the water, paddle over, have a chat and let them know your thoughts!

The Big Dog Force, all round river runner in two sizes. As soon as we have stock and demos you will know. for the full range and catalog.