Friday, 3 April 2009

Confluence Watersports CEO Visits AS Watersports

We were very lucky this week to have some Genuine VIP guest in the shop. Whilst on a tour of UK Manufacturers and importers the President and CEO of Confluence Watersports, Sue Rechner, popped into our shop, in order to meet some English retailers.
Confluence Watersports is one of the biggest Paddle-sports manufactures in the World. Based in the USA they are responsible for Wilderness systems, Perception kayaks USA, Dagger kayaks USA, Wavesport kayaks, Mad River Canoes, Harmony accessories and AT Paddles. They also have very strong links with Dagger Europe, Perception UK and WWC the importers for Wavesport, Wilderness, Harmony and Mad River.

But she didn't just visit for a look round the shop and a chat, she was also interested in our feedback and input. She left with a good idea of what the British market was doing and where we, as a retailer, thought it was going. As well as a number of ideas about what we thought Confluence should be doing, and how to improve their current models and range.