Friday, 24 April 2009

More Shiny new stock!

It's been a good week for unwrapping dazzling new stock, to add to our already full shop. And today we weren't disappointed, when we unwrapped this lovely P&H Cetus. The Cetus is a full on composite Sea kayak and Expedition boat. Hand built right here in the UK, and finished to an amazing standard. The Cetus looks great just sitting on the shop floor, but will look even better loaded up with supplies heading out for a coastal adventure.

Our new stunning white and green P&H Cetus

Featuring 4 hatches, yes read it again four hatches, the Cetus has plenty of room for storage, it has a fully integrated skeg system, a comfortable and roomy cockpit and a compass recess up front.

We don't hold that many composite Sea kayaks in stock, normally just a demo boat, and some plastic boats. Most people prefer to order one to their personal specifications and preferences. But we couldn't pass on this beauty when P and H told us they had a spare one in their warehouse.

As Well as the Cetus we also got a Capella 167 composite Kayak as stock as well. The Capella is P and H's classic all round sea kayak, great for day paddling, but with just enough space to manage the occasional expedition, and weekend away.

So if sea kayaking is your thing then why not drop in and try out some of the superb sea kayaks that we have available at the moment. But hurry, with boats that look as good as this they wont be here for long!

For more info on the P&h Sea Kayak range Click HERE