Wednesday, 15 April 2009

A Yak day out Part 3. Return to the river.

After our nice hot morning at the beach we came back in to Exeter to hit the river and the "Mighty Pots". Flower Pots is the name given to the play hole at the base of the weir at the Mill on the Exe. In winter this spot is a great play hole for all the freestyle moves and used to see plenty of action in the days when the Exe Descent was running. We have also hosted a boater cross race there and a small freestyle event which we hope to bring back this winter.

Andy gets some air coming down the weir.

Jim keeping it tight and online.

Ewart splashing about in the eddy. It's warming up so now is the time to look at shorty cags. Ewart in the Fusion.

And we had to get this in. Not at Flower pots, this is Yak and Pyranha team paddler and friend of A.S, Mike Scutt. Mike works in Londons best kayak shop White Water the Canoe Centre and is a top notch paddler. He also loves the "Yakoflage" camo shorts. Tell us how much you like them so we can get them in to production!