Thursday, 9 April 2009

A Yak day out

From time to time we actually manage to get away from the shop and go paddling!
We also like to help many of the manufacturer's with their R+D of kit. This way we know when it hits the shelves you will get products that work. A.S tryed and tested! So with some new kit that we have had some input to we teamed up with Yak Paddling Equipment, a Photographer or two and hit the beach! All photos here were taken at Exemouth on the south coast of Devon! Just 20 mins from the shop door.

Setting off. Jim loves the as yet unreleased Yakoflage camo shorts.

Even in small surf things can go wrong. Always wear a helmet if you are not sure. (p.s the new Sweet lids are in next week)
With a lovely little reef wave peeling in the background the gang have time to rest and chill in the sun.

L-R Ewart, Jim, Andy, Katie, Alice.