Friday, 15 May 2009

Dagger Axiom

Dagger Europe have just sent us a press release about their new boat: The Axiom.
Billed as a river runner that can do it all (within reason!).

Heres what they have to say:


An Axiom in mathematics is considered to be both a starting point from where other theories are proven and also something that is taken to be universally true.

So when the Dagger R&D team sat down to design a boat to fill the shoes of the legendary RPM they had two considerations. One was to create something new - which others will no doubt follow. The other, to create a boat which would stand against the worlds best selling White Water kayak!

They set off on a journey. Many opinions were given, many ideas tried and tested and many, many, hours later they decided that they had made…..An Axiom.

Combining all river performance desired by experienced paddlers with forgiving and predictable characteristics required by those progressing the Axiom is a boat that will challenge everyone, at any age, to go out for more.

Long enough for down river speed and excellent in surf the bow carries volume for smooth passage down river whilst the stern is cut low for pivot turns and agility. Using a flat planing hull, full-length rails and soft profile sidewalls the Axiom has a smooth transition from edge to edge and a playful feel.

Inside its adjustable all the way with Daggers well loved River Running outfit system – solid, safe and very versatile.

Available in four sizes the Axiom range features a super small 6.9 size ideal for aspiring young river runners right up to the 9.0 version giving a sporty boat to bigger paddlers.

For more info see HERE

The Axiom - Start Something.

Axiom 6.9 – MRRP £499.95
Axiom 8.0, 8.5 and 9.0 – MRRP £649.95

We will have them in stock and ready for demo as soon as they are made.