Thursday, 28 May 2009

Hosie brothers make Channel crossing record!

On Saturday 23rd May 2009 the brothers Wesley 19 and Christian Hosie 13 completed crossing the 25 mile English Channel to become the youngest ever paddlers to do so.
In this achievement they also raised a whopping £5020.00 for Children with Leukaemia.

The boys had a great support team including David Gardner on the water with them and the support boat team who have helped many Channel Swim teams lead by Mike Oram.

Wesley and Christian paddled the new Scorpio and Scorpio LV sea kayaks from P+H. These boats were very kindly loaned from Pyranha and P+H for their training and crossing.
Support also came from Alder sports wear in rash vests and wetsuits and A.S Watersports supplied the rest of the kit, including Werner Shuna paddles and Palm Hydro Adventure pfd's.

Talking to the BBC Wesley voiced his concerns about the busy shipping lane and the very Strong currents. Younger brother Christian said "I'll be able to look back on it and say I did that".
Wesley added that they hoped for good weather which by looking at the pics you can see they got just that!

Looking pretty small against the Sea France ferry. This is one of the many dangers of a crossing like this.

Congratulations and celebrations as the boys hit the shore in France.
The crossing took just 6 hours which is a great time. We would like to give the boys a big well done for the achievement and for raising so much money for charity.