Friday, 26 June 2009

Dagger Alchemy, a touring revolution

What? another new product, and another new demo boat??!! Yes the Dagger Alchemy is the latest new boat, and the newest addition to our demo fleet (which just keeps on getting bigger and better!) The Alchemy is a revolution in touring kayaks.

A 14 foot touring kayak, that comes in two sizes. Its been happening for years in whitewater kayaks, but not really in the same way in the touring market. Until now if you want a 'smaller' touring kayak, you got something that was shorter, and smaller all over, leaving you struggling to keep up with people in longer kayaks. But not any more. The Alchemy gives smaller paddlers the chance to keep up with everyone else, but with having to paddle a boat that is too big for them!

We've all taken the Alchemy for a quick spin on the canal and we all said the same things. It's comfortable, it's quick, it's easy to paddle, but most of all it's really easy to maneuver. Plus with a integrated skeg system, it tracks really when when you need it.

The Alchemy features Daggers latest Zone Outfitting, with an adjustable backrest, slidelock footrests, adjustable thigh braces and a great leg lifting seat. As well as that its loaded with three hatches with foam bulkheads, and of course the skeg system.

If you are looking for a compact, yet capable touring kayak, that is dripping with great features, and is available in two sizes, then Dagger might well have the made the boat for you.
You can check it out on our website: Dagger Alchemy at AS Watersports
Or on Daggers Website: Dagger Alchemy At Dagger