Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Summer Kit Review: Summer Thermals

Well summertime is here, but that doesn't always mean that the weather will be good. Just a quick peek out of the window today reveals more grey clouds and rain. So we thought we'd have a quick run through some of the great kit that we offer that is ideal for keeping you warmer, dryer and more comfortable when paddling in the 'warmer' months of the year.

In this instalment we'll have a look at summer thermals. These are light weight, super stretchy Polypropylene thermals layers, that are designed to be close fitting and offer enough protection to keep the chill off when the clouds roll in again. They can be worn on their own should the weather be warm enough, but are also ideal under a light weight windproof top should the weather close in on you, and for paddlers who want to keep on through the winter they can be worn as a base layer under a thicker thermal during the winter.

CSR Plamo poly plush short sleeved thermal top.

First up we have the CSR Plamo. The Plamo is lightweight, but very warm ergonomically designed thermal top. It features high wicking Polypropylene fabric for warmth and comfort, soft, stretch construction for freedom of movement and flatlock seams to prevent chafing.
Comfortable for all day paddling its great on its own under a buoyancy aid, to keep the sun off, or to keep the warmth in. It can also be worn with a long john style wetsuit, or as a winter base layer.

Alder Spirit, womens short sleeved thermal top.

Alder Spirit, mens long sleeved thermal top

Next up is the Alder Spirit thermal top. The Spirit is available in mens versions, womens versions and Junior. They are all made from the same light weight, soft, comfortable and stretchy polypropylene fabric. The mens and ladies is available in both long and short sleeve, the junior is only available in short sleeved. Once again another fantastic bit of kit for summer paddling, great for wearing on its own, under a light summer cag, as well as being useful as a base layer for cold winter paddling.
Just because they weather isn't all blue sky and sunshine doesn't mean you can't be out enjoying paddling your kayak or canoe. As the old adage goes "There is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes" So don't get caught out this year. Why not check out our range of thermals on the AS Watersports website and make sure your in the right clothes this summer!
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