Thursday, 2 July 2009

Team AS goes to the beach

The weather here in Exeter has been really hot recently, and if there's one thing hot kayakers like to do, its mess about in the water. The hot weather has killed of any hope of whitewater or playboating, and the surf has been pretty much non existent as well. But a rare pulse of southerly swell popped up on the charts this week, meaning that an after work surf was easily achievable.
So Tuesday night saw Team AS load up a variety of craft and head to Sidmouth. Now its fair to say that the swell was hardly what you'd call big, some people might not have even called it surf. But to a bunch of hot kayakers, at the end of another long day, it didn't really matter. What mattered was getting wet, having fun and trying to surf a few 'waves'! We spent almost two hours splashing about, being silly, having water fights, and occasionally trying to catch a wave. It was the perfect antidote to the hot weather. Kayaking is about have fun with a few friends, and thats certainly what we did!

Daniel, Mitch and Kayleigh taking it easy

Jemma busting a wave-wheel

Jim sunning his shins on a wave ski

Mitch paddling his Pyranha Z:one

Ewart, finding a wave in the Valley Storm

Not a bad little set, it almost looks like surf!

Exhausted but happy, Team AS finally leaves the water