Tuesday, 4 August 2009

All new Wavesport "D"

Freshly unwrapped in the shop this week, we have the revamped, renamed and relaunched Wavesport "D" 65 and 75. The "D" is a refreshed version of the original Wavesport Diesel. It keeps all the original hull and deck shape and features of its predecessor, but with new cockpit fittings and a new Price tag, of just £699.
The original Diesels were an instant success when they were first launched. Featuring a planing hull, rails and enough hull length to make it a fast, stable and easy to paddle kayak, it also has enough deck volume to comfortable run whitewater upto grade 4. They were a hit with a wide range of paddlers, improvers, whitewater novices, coaches and seasoned paddlers who wanted to have fun on the river, but hit the odd creek as well.

The first big difference is a little label that says 'Made in Britain'. The New "D" is molded under licence in the UK. This helps keep the price down and reduces the boats carbon footprint, as it's no longer shipped across the Atlantic just to be here!

The next difference is the internal fittings. It still features a tough and stiff rotomolded seat and a robust full plate footrest, with two sized footpods. The biggest difference is the thigh braces, they still feature the same leg hugging security of the originals, but are now molded out of one piece of plastic, they also feature heaps of adjustment to find the perfect fit. The other difference is the backrest, gone is the original ratchet adjustment, to be replaced with a simpler, but equally comfy and adjustable whitewater backrest.

The new "D" is still available in two sizes, the 65 and the 75. The smaller of the two, the D65, is suitable for paddlers upto about 90kg and about 5'8", and the bigger D75 will fit paddlers upto about 110kg and 6'+.
We currently have both sizes in stock. You can check out some info on the wavesport "D" on our website. Or pop into the shop to try one out.