Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Surf Boats Galore!

It feels like we've gone a bit surf crazy here at the moment! Firstly Jim has bought himself a new surf kayak, and secondly we seem to have a big selection of second hand surf kayaks all of a sudden!
After trying and loving the shops demo Valley Rush 7/2 Jim decided to go all the way and buy one for himself. Jim went for a clear gel coat with metal flake, and black fade. All in the Vac bagged Ultra kevlar spec. The guys at Valley reckoned the shell weighed in around 9.5kg! Super light, super stiff and great looking. Bring on the Hurricane swell!!

For more details on the range of Valley Surf kayaks check out our Valley Surf Kayak web page.

Mean while on the second hand front we have a great selection of surf kayaks. We have several Plastic models, as well as a full carbon kayak, and a carbon kevlar kayak, and if that's not your cup of tea we even have a great looking wave ski in as well at the moment.

You can check them all out on our second hand kayak web page.

Hopefully Jim will have a report soon on his new kayaks performance. Watch this space for more....