Saturday, 24 October 2009

BCU Coaching update

Back in January of this year Ewart and Andy took part in a BCU coaching update. They lead a little group on the Dart Loop to hone the groups playboating skills and give advice on how to teach it. These photos have just come to light. All Photos By Jemma Lane or Andy Iley.

Sam Anderson, British Freestyle team athlete about to pop a huge Loop, Top Wave, River Dart.
Sam was at the recent world championship in Thun, Switzerland representing the UK. Check our his blog here: Sam-Anderson

Craig Kelly, Teignbridge canoe club, showing some excellent torso rotiation and ruddering.

Surfing fun on Top Wave. A medium level on the Dart gave a reasonable wave.

Ewart gives some pointers from the eddy.

J.P Etock soul surfing and carving it up in a mighty Orbit fish!