Tuesday, 6 October 2009

South West Canoe Show 2009 a great success

The South West Canoe Show took place this Saturday, and was an alround great success. The Weather forecast hadn't looked too promising, but in the end we had a fabulous day. The Sun shone almost all day, we had to put up with about 5 minuets of drizzle, and a few gusts of wind, but we couldn't have asked for much better really!
There was lots to see, with masses of exhibitors crammed in, all showing off their latest and greatest bits of kit, plus a small mountain of demo boats for people to try out.

Here's a quick photo run down of the day. Enjoy!

The mighty Hog Roast

New Palm Extrem

New Palm FX Vest

New Wilderness systems Commander

New Native watercraft Mariner

The New Liquidlogic Duex Coupe Sit on top

New Ocean kayak torque kayak motor

New 2010 Jackson kayaks All Star

New Brand, Kayak pro, with some fast touring/sea kayak racing boats

The whole Big dog Range on display

New Creek boat from Prijon

The new version of the Salto from Eskimo