Saturday, 10 October 2009

Teignbridge Council litter pick

We helped out Teignbridge Council with a litter pick on the River Lemon near Newton Abbot last month. The guys and girls from Teignbridge Environmental services gathered together lots of junk and litter from the river bank.

Instructor Tom Klampfer lead the group and provided safety cover. He also got the team playing a bit of Polo with this rescued ball!

The Big Tidy Up! As it says on the shirt. Teignbridge councils Chris Braines, instigator of the day. Lots of junk, mostly plastic bottles, food wrappers and fishing tackle. The Perception Scooter sit on tops providied by Saddles and Paddles hireshop on Exeter quay did the job nicely for the none experianced mebers of the team.

The whole team enjoying the sun of Devon, a new sporting experiance and a very fine job of keeping our waterways clean, tidy and better for everyone.