Friday, 20 November 2009

Staff blogs and profile updates.

Well the white water season has finally kicked into gear here in the S.W.
Check out Jims 3Rider blog for a little of what the guys n girls have been up to.

They have been out on various rivers and in various craft honing the skills to keep them safe and in one peice (Ewart...). Yup, even Ewart is back on harder white water and gaggin for some more chunky Upper Dart levels. He has had a few runs down now after not paddling the Upper for 2 years due to his shoulder injury. The Big Dog Force he is now in is helping a lot. Jim has been off competeing in his Valley Rush 7.2, Ewart is back on the river and getting lots of waves in preperation for his Christmas surfing trip to Maroco, Jemma is loving all her Helly Hansen thermals and Liam will just try anything you tell him. Right we have to go, the Darts going up the steps!