Tuesday, 22 December 2009

The New 2010 Perception Scooter

The New 2010 Perception Scooter, sit on Kayak. The Perception Scooter has been a long time favourite here at AS Watersports. It's a classic all-rounder, great for messing about at the beach, it surfs well, it's got enough length to paddle quickly and easily in a straight line, and its got enough volume to float all comers, without making smaller paddlers feel overwhelmed. So how could Perception improve on this already amazing kayak?

Perception have made a couple of small but significant changes to this years Scooter, that we are sure will help to keep it at the front of the pack. Firstly they have changed to Paddle leash attachment point. On the previous version, this was a drilled hole, only available on the range topping 'Surf' version. Now it's a D-ring attachment, and it's standard on all models. Making it easier to attach a paddle leash to all models. Plus the D-ring is attached via a moulded in threaded insert, meaning no leakage.
Next up they have tweaked the footrests, just making the ridges on the outside a little deeper, so that it's easier to keep your feet in place when paddling.

Deeper footrest ridges for a more positive feel, and a new D-ring paddle leash attachment point.

The Front grab handle has been improved, to make it easier to hold, and more comfortable to use. It's now slightly longer and deeper, but without being too big, unsightly or hard to grip.

Bigger, wider and smoother for easier carrying

The final change has happened just behind the seat. The flat area that separates the seating area from the storage well on the back has been made slightly wider, so that it is now just the right size to fit a flush mounting fishing rod holder. Perception have been very careful about how they have achieved this, the Scooter is still the same length as the old version, the extra has come from sneaking an extra centimeter out of the cockpit, and an extra centimeter out of the storage well. These tiny differences are enough length for them to be able to make the space for mounting fishing rod holders.

More space for mounting flush Fishing rod holders

All in all these changes are all fairly small, but they are all going to add just a little bit extra to this already great sit on Kayak. The 2010 Perception Scooter is going to be a hit. So why not pop in to the shop now to check one out.
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