Thursday, 17 December 2009

New, new and new!

The Weather may finally have dried up here in the Southwest, and the rain may have stopped falling outside, but inside the shop it's raining new gear. We've got two new kayaks, a throwline belt and some toasty warm new boots!

New 2010 Pyranha Burn

First up we have the all new 2010 Pyranha Burn. Pyranha have taken their tried and tested Creek boat the Burn and made some subtle but significant changes. The rocker profile has been tweaked, to help create a faster boat, that still boofs well, the rails have been lifted to make it less likely to catch an edge, but still carve into and out of eddies, the Knee bumps have been smoothed and lowered to help avoid bashed knuckles when paddling, the cockpit rim has been lowered to make it easier to roll and the deck profiles have been altered ever so slightly to improve re-surfacing and water shedding.
Even with the 'old' Burn and the 2010 Burn side by side it takes a while to spot all these changes, they are that subtle. It's not going to feel like a whole new boat, but the little changes will all add up to a boat that is just that little bit better than its all ready good predecessor.

Check the new Burn in the AS watersports online shop

The new Pyranha Rebel junior Kayak

Next up we have the new Pyranha Rebel Junior kayak. Designed for the smaller paddler, the Rebel offers everything that the rest of the Pyranha range has, but in a boat that is tailored to younger and smaller kayakers. The Rebel features a full plate footrest, whitewater quality grab handles and rescue point and adjustable hip pads and backrest.

Check it out in the AS Watersports online shop

HF Swifty Rescue belt
The HF Swifty rescue belt is a quick release waist belt for carrying towlines. It features a large quick release front buckle, for easy adjustment, and fast removal, and a double ended quick release strap for attaching a throwline, meaning that its easy to get your throwline out, with either your left or right hand. And at only £14.95 it's great value too.
Check it out in the AS Watersports Online Shop

Palm Kola boot
And finally we've got the Palm Kola boot, just what you need to keep your feet warm in this cold weather. Made from 5mm plush lined double glued and blindstiched neoprene, with internal taping to keep your feet warm and dry. And featuring a great tough, and grippy sole, ideal for scrambling about on rocks, wadding through estuary mud, and trudging alone muddy river banks.
Check them out in the AS Watersports Online shop