Friday, 4 December 2009

Taste the rainbow - New Shred Ready helmet colours

Christmas is here already at AS Watersports. New in the shop today are these great new colours from Shred Ready. The Standard full cut and half cut are now available in sparkly Purple and Bright green, as well as all the original colours, Carbon Blue, Carbon Black, Matt Black, White, Orange, and the amazing Wood effect.

Not only have Shred Ready added some new colours to the outside, they've made a few minor tweaks to the inside. The Original HOT lock system has been replaced with the classic and very popular Hand Of God retention system (HOG). The HOG makes it very quick and easy to adjust the size of the helmet, plus when correctly tension it really does lock the helmet onto your head for the ultimate in secure fitting.
Plus they have also colour coded all the internal foam fitting pads. The helmet comes with six foam pads, three for the front and three for the back. These are now red, orange and yellow, to make it easier to tell which is which when outfitting your helmet.

The Standard has got the be one of the best value helmets on the market at the moment. It's made with a tough ABS moulded plastic shell, and an EPP foam inner (the same style EPP as found in Sweet helmets), it comes with the new HOG retention system, three sets of colour coded internal fit pads, and a nylon strap system. And you can get all this goodness for £54.95.
It also offers fantastic coverage to protect your head, coming down well over the forehead and temples, deep coverage on the back of the head and the full cut version also offers great protection for the ears, and the side of the head.

If your a grizzled whitewater warrior, or just a beginner heading out onto moving water for the first time and your looking for a helmet that offers fantastic protection, the Standard is jam packed with top end features and won't set you back more than £60.00, then the Standard is the helmet for you.

Check it out in the AS Watersports Online Kayak shop HERE