Friday, 29 January 2010

New Kayak Pro Boats on our webite

We've added some exciting new fast touring kayaks to our website. The Kayak pro Nemo and Namu, both designed by South west resident and boat designer extraordinaire Rob Feloy.

The Nemo is designed as an ultra fast sea and touring kayak, that also complies with Sea Kayak racing regulations. Speed is definitely the key with the Nemo, if you want to do some rock hopping, or even intend to land on a few rocky beaches, then you'd better look elsewhere, but if you want to get from A to B as fast as possible and not have to lugg about a heavy boat, then this is the boat for you. The Nemo is made from a Full Carbon/Kevlar sandwich construction, and is fully vacum bagged and heat cured for the ultimate in lightweight and stiffness. The Nemo weighs in at an amazing 15.5kg! It comes with a easy to use and smooth to operate Smart track rudder system, two hatches with bulkheads, and an adjustable composite Italian style race seat.

The Kayak Pro Nemo
The Namu is shorter and wider than the Nemo, but shares much of the same features. Designed to be stable and easy to paddle, but still quick and effortless the Namu is a great Recreational and light touring kayak. It is suitable for paddlers all the way from beginners upwards, and comes in a range of sizes to accommodate all sizes. The Namu is available in two different constructions, either the Light weight 'Racer' construction the same as the Nemo or in a 'club' construction, made from a Glass sandwich, but also Vacum bagged and Heat cured. The Namu has all the same great features, a smart track rudder system, two hatches and and adjustable composite Italian style seat.

The kayak pro Namu
The speed and stability of the Nemo has already attracted some people. The BBC Blue Peter presenter Helen Skelton is currently paddling a Nemo down the Amazon, to raise money for sport relief. If she completes the challenge, she will be the first women to have solo paddled the entire length of the Amazon.

Helen Skelton Training in a Kayak pro Nemo