Wednesday, 10 February 2010

New 100% recycled plastic Dagger Fiesta

The Dagger Fiesta kayak is now available, only in 100% recycled plastic. The Fiesta is a great introductory boat for the recreational paddler. It has a wide hull offering lots of stability, yet its 'V' shape front and rear cut easily through the water, it also has a large cockpit making it easy to get into and out of and comes fitted with front and rear deck elastic storage and easy to adjust slidelock footrests.

For year’s now Dagger have been recycling the waste plastic from their factory; their offcuts were mixed with other plastic to become toys, compost bins and carrier bags. Good for the environment? Not bad, but their aim had always been to recycle any waste themselves – to produce more kayaks.

Well now they can. The 100% recycled Dagger Fiesta kayak caused quite a stir at the 2010 Dealer preview. Throughout the event they invited all of their UK dealers to put a boat shell through the “2lb Lump Hammer Test”. A month of abuse later and it was still going strong!

The colours of the New recycled Fiesta vary slightly depending on what colour plastic has been recycled. But on the whole they appear slightly green/grey, but closer inspection reveals that they are made up of a whole variety of colours.

The New recycled Fiesta is not only an environmentally sound choice, but also a bargain at £299.95. You can check out the Dagger Fiesta online HERE

Daggers Paul Robertson and Nick Horwood explain more about the Dagger Fiesta, and put it to the 2lb hammer test