Thursday, 4 February 2010

Pyranha Molan M now available

Fresh out of the packaging today, its the Pyranha Molan playboat. Pyranhas latest, most prototyped and tested playboat. The Molan is definitely from the new school wave orientated design school.

The hull is short and wide, which should make spins easy, and has enough Rocker front and rear to help it into the air.

Many people have been comparing it to the 2010 Jackson kayaks Star series, which from a quick glance is quite understandable. But if both boats are put side by side there are a range of differences. The Star has less rocker and less volume in the stern, and the Molan definitely offers more cockpit space, and a more positive feel.

We have a demo boat, as well as stock, so if you want to try before you buy why not give us a call and book it in now!
Check the specs in the AS Watersports online shop