Saturday, 11 September 2010

New Pyranah Varun Now in

We've just got our hands on the New Pyranha Varun kayak. The Varun is Pyranhas new 'Play the river' kayak. Designed to get you down the river, but play at every spot on the way. The Varun has it all, forgiving edges, speed and maximum playability to give any white water enthusiast an awesome time on the river. Slicey ends allow you to initiate all the classic vertical moves plus it has enough speed to run the river in style. A wide flat hull means that it will surf river and ocean waves really well, and the forgiving edges will help any paddler learn and progress.

Check out the Pictures Below.

The Varun is also available to buy online in the AS Watersports Online Shop

A longer, smoother profile will make the Varun quick on flatter sections and fast on waves

Classic Connect 30 Outfitting, for comfort and adjust ability

A wide flat hull means stability, and easy surfing.