Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Making a Venture Kayaks Easky 15 pt 2

Part 2 of the making of an Easky 15 touring kayak from Venture kayaks. The fitting out and final parts.

Making a Venture Kayaks Easky 15

Here you can see the popular Venture Kayaks Easky 15 being made in the UK production facility. The Easky 15 is one of the UK's favourite Weekend touring kayaks. Perfect for lakes, slow moving rivers, Estuarys and light coastal work. This is part 1. Part 2 to follow.

Monday, 29 November 2010

Pots rodeo 2010 again!

The blistering heat and massive water was just too much! So, we went for sub zero temps and low water just to make sure!

The second Pots Rodeo and Boater Exe went off on Saturday and was great fun. Over 30 paddlers braved the freezing air and water conditions (it never got above -2 deg bankside)

to compete in some very close racing. There were short boat races (playboats) intermediate long boat and advanced long boat races. No different categories for the Ladies as most of them were just as quick as the boys! Good work girls.

Seeding runs took place in the early afternoon before the daylight faded and then the floodlights(very kindly supplied by HSS Hire in Exeter) went on, the tunes got turned up ( Sound system provided by Sound Events) and the racing spirit (and maybe some other spirits, medicinal of course) got every one into the mood for some serious down river racing.

With very few rules (except for safety ones) we saw plenty of action. The tough course set by Ewart from A.S and Pete, rode organiser included Yak touch boards in tricky eddys, a long sprint/slog across the slow flat water, a quick spin around the Crewsaver maker buoy and a final dash to the crocodile ( yes, the Exe has some truly amazing wildlife!) finish line, dodging the "Mighty Pots" on the way. Despite low water the hole still took a few prisoners and dished out a few spankings, only one ended with a swim though!

During the timed seeding heats it was all about the Big Dog boats, the Force and Dropzone came in with the quickest times of the day. Good job they made it out of the snow in Nottingham just to come down for the day. They even had a prototype full carbon kevlar Kaos play boat on show. (following blog on that soon!).

The Square Rock "how long can you stand up in your boat competition" was very well attended with all the signed up paddlers getting on the water. Very funny to watch and cold for the unsteady!

After all the racing was done it was into Mill on the Exe for beers and food. Prize giving and the charity raffle. The prize fund was massive, Yak paddling equipment gave about £1000.00 worth of kit away! Bigdog kayaks had their own brand of bottled beer to cheer people up and tees and hoodys to keep them warm and Square Rock gave away buoyancy aids for the stand up comp.

The after party went down with boat races, crazy rave rodeo outfits and some storming tunes from Jamthechannel DJ's.

Once again thanks to the supporting companys:

Yak paddling equipment for continuing support of grass roots kayaking events and huge prize bags!

Big Bog kayaks for free demo boats and prizes, also keeping UK paddling events going.

Square rock for raffle and impromptu prizes. Thanks to Team GB freestyle member Sam Anderson for coming down. (also congrats for winning the UK freestyle Championships!)

Fluid Skills for the on site EMT support. Good job it wasn't really needed.

Four your eyes people for the event t-shirts (some still available; only £10. email team@potsrodeo.co.uk )

Mill on the Exe for great hospitality (nearly selling out of coffee and hot chocolate)

HSS Hire in Exeter for the massive floodlights.

The full race results are now on the Pots Rodeo website here: http://www.potsrodeo.co.uk/

Pictures and blogs here: Pots Rodeo and 3Bsports

Massive thanks to all the supporters, crowd and paddlers that made it.

But with out the sponsors it would not happen in the same way.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Shake it, Shake it.

It really works! We had a shake this morning. I bet you there's rain this weekend! I'll put a pound on it. Thanks to Pete Scott and the guys and girls of Exeter School canoe club for this little peice of magic. Brought all the way from the jungles of Peru to the concrete jungle of Exeter.

All change!

We have had a great few days on the river recently. Jemma took her brother down the Loop in a ducky at the weekend which was amusing. Andy, Jim and Ewart all had great fun surfing the double ducky on the wave at the bottom of triple drop. Some times solo and some double surfing action. Solo proved best with soem great rides and even some 360's! Photos coming soon when Jim downloads his camera.

Down to business: We are currently updating all our price lists and webshop as most of our brands have issued new price lists. Whilst some stuff is going up due to the new VAT rate coming into place in January some items are being reduced!

What does this meen for you, our valued customer? It meens that its probalably better not to hold off on getting some new gear as it is almost definately going to have a higher price ticket in the new year. To help you out we are still able to offer alot of instock items at the old prices.
We have some great deals on Ex Demo boats and are offering some competative rates in other in stock boats.

If you find an item in store that has the older price on it we will honor it and even give you a discount! (Ask nicely or give us cake!).

Thanks for bearing with us on this. It takes abit of time to change every thing!
On the plus side, we have found our Peruvian rainstick. The lads at Exeter School did a trip to Peru a few years back and gave us the rainstick on return. We have been shaking it like a poloroid picture baby!