Wednesday, 3 November 2010

All change!

We have had a great few days on the river recently. Jemma took her brother down the Loop in a ducky at the weekend which was amusing. Andy, Jim and Ewart all had great fun surfing the double ducky on the wave at the bottom of triple drop. Some times solo and some double surfing action. Solo proved best with soem great rides and even some 360's! Photos coming soon when Jim downloads his camera.

Down to business: We are currently updating all our price lists and webshop as most of our brands have issued new price lists. Whilst some stuff is going up due to the new VAT rate coming into place in January some items are being reduced!

What does this meen for you, our valued customer? It meens that its probalably better not to hold off on getting some new gear as it is almost definately going to have a higher price ticket in the new year. To help you out we are still able to offer alot of instock items at the old prices.
We have some great deals on Ex Demo boats and are offering some competative rates in other in stock boats.

If you find an item in store that has the older price on it we will honor it and even give you a discount! (Ask nicely or give us cake!).

Thanks for bearing with us on this. It takes abit of time to change every thing!
On the plus side, we have found our Peruvian rainstick. The lads at Exeter School did a trip to Peru a few years back and gave us the rainstick on return. We have been shaking it like a poloroid picture baby!