Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Staff Profile updates

Mitch enjoying his lunch break.

Seeing as though we haven't done a huge amount of boating this week we have found the time for the guys and girls to update their staff profiles. Alex joined us in the summer so we had to get his up. Check them all out here: Staff Profiles.

Alex ripping in his Scud.

The profiles let you know who's helping you choose your gear. What kind of paddling they like and the kit they use them selves. For example Liam uses Palm pfds. He usually gets 200+ days a year on the water, most of them teaching so his kit has to work.

Jim "the Swim" hard at work on the Upper Dart.

Yes Liam, We can see you.

Jemma. Racing hard at the Colligan Gorge Games in Ireland.

Not a recent pic of Ewart. But he's back to Italy for 2011 so some fresh drops will be done.