Saturday, 5 March 2011

Tootega Pulse 85 now in stock.

Tootega have delivered the new Pulse 85 sit on top kayak. We have been looking forward to this new sit on top and are pleased with the results.

The Pulse is set to become a favourite with juniors and smaller paddlers looking for some good surf and beach fun.

The designer behind the boat has a history with surf kayak design and we can see the influence.

A nice up-swept bow with plenty of rocker to stop the nose digging in when taking off on a wave.

A deep seating area that can be paddled with or with out a back rest and deep foot holds to provide some thing to brace on when paddling.

Each Pulse comes with a screw hatch and drinks bottle as standard and strong d-rings to attach the back rest and optional thigh straps which improve control when surfing. Reccessed side carrying handles and moulded bow and stern handles will make it easy for juniors and adults to carry. A paddle park placed near the stern is great for keeping hold of your paddle when getting back on if you have a capsize. (in our recent test paddle it was easy for a man of about 16 stone to climb back on).

The flat hull will excell in the surf with the centre keel line maintaining tracking for normall paddling. The side cut stingers in the hull enchance the drive to give more speed on the wave.

The Tootega Pulse 85 is light and small. Retailing at £339.00 it is good value for this British designed and made sit on top kayak. Come and demo one today.

Colours available:
Glacier (blue/white pictured), Storm (grey), Firebrick (red), Aurora (green/white), Sunburst (yellow/orange).
You can purchase online here: Tootega Pulse 85 sit on top kayak.