Monday, 20 June 2011

Canoe Trails

This has come in from the BCU. Get out paddling and help others with info on where to go.

Canoe Trails

There is something quite magical about being out on the water in your canoe ... whether you are on flat water, white water, lake or the sea canoeing the pleasures and fun are never ending.

Canoe England are building a directory of places to paddle so we are asking for your help; the paddle could be a short stretch of easy water or something more challenging.

The idea is to keep the information as simple and easy to understand as possible while giving enough information for someone who does not know the area to be able to easily find and paddle the Canoe Trail.

If you have a favourite bit of water which you would like to share with others then please consider writing a Canoe Trail, we have produced a simple template for your to follow or you can just write your own, template here and example trail here, plus there are trails and further information available Canoe England Web Site.