Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Off our trolleys! Sea to Summit

We have taken on the new kayak and canoe trolleys from Sea to Summit. You may know this Aussie brand for the light weight travel accesories they do. These trolleys are light, strong and really well made. In fact we think they are much better quality than some of their competitors.

Sea to Summit Kayak trolley. Like the Eckla version but with much bigger wheels for easy transit. The strap helps keep boats steady whilst on the move.
Nice anodized orange aluminium finish to set it apart from the others RRP £64.95
Buy here: Kayak Trolley

Sea to Summit Canoe trolley. Much the same as the kayak trolley but on a bigger scale. A nice wide base to give support on a large area of hull for a secure fit. The wide wheel base also keeps things on track over the rough ground.
RRP £79.95
Buy Here: Canoe Trolley

The best of the bunch! This sit on top kayak trolley is great! The rubber coverd prongs fit nice and firmly through the scupper stopper holes in your sit on top. The strap helps keep the boat from bouncing off over rough ground. Reducing the risk of puncturing your boat. The quick release clamp for setting the width to fit the scupper holes is smooth and secure. Green anodized aluminium finishes off this awesome trolley. Ewarts fave new bit of kit in the shop.

RRP £69.95
Buy here: Sit on top trolley