Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Watermark Experiences

Watermark Experiences Weekend, River Dart Country Park, Ashburton, Devon.

12th-13th November 2011

Our friend Debs sent some info over about her new project with Matt Tidy.

Debs has run a few youth trips now and this looks like a great project.

Here's a bit more info. Spread the word.

Twice World Freestyle Champion Deb Pinniger and internationally renowned whitewater kayaker Matt Tidy are planning the official launch of their new Community Interest Company: Watermark Experiences, at the River Dart Country Park on the 12th-13th of November 2011.
Watermark Experiences offers an ongoing programme of unique and challenging kayak adventures for young people aged 12 to 23.

We would like to invite young kayakers, clubs, youth groups, schools and their volunteer coaches to this free event, offering a chance to meet up with the Zanskar expedition team who have recently returned from India, and to discuss Watermark Experiences adventures for 2012. There will of course be some fun on the water and a limited number of free-guided river trips.
We hope to see you there.
For more information on this launch weekend see our web site
Or e-mail

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Sweet Protection specials back on.

We have extended our special offers on Sweet Protection soft wear and selected helmets.
Sweet gear is designed in one of the worlds premier white water destinations, Norway and tested world wide by a high flying test team including Rush Struges and Mariann Saether.

Sweet use Gortex Pro shell and Performance shell fabrics. The Pro shell has a super tough outer with a highly breathable membrane. Designed to keep you comfortable in all conditions.

Performance shell, as used in the Shadrack is a lighter more flexible 2 layer fabric. Better for the high activity of freestyle and playboateing or just the paddler who keeps on moving.

This kit is awesome to to give it the recognition it deserves we are offering some pretty amazing prices..
Click the banner to see the awesome deals on offer.
Or call in store and talk to one of our sales staff.

Click the button to see what we've got.

Sealect Designs Anchor trolley kit

Sealect Designs have a new Anchor trolley kit coming out this winter. With the trolly being such an important part of anchoring it helps to have a good one.
When Ryan from Sealect showed it to us at the Kanumesse show in Germany we knew it would be a great addition to our Kayak fishing accesories range.

The kit has very thing you need to fit it and it all comes in a nice resealable box which is usefull for outfitting bits and bobs, spare parts or even putting tackle in.
Pre order online now for early December delivery.

Order here: Sealect Designs Anchor trolley kit at A.S Watersports

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Putting the boot in, with the new Liquidlogic Stomper

We've just been lucky enough to get our hands on the new Liquidlogic Stomper 80, so we thought we'd give you a quick run down on this great new kayak.

Many peoples first thoughts are, "It looks just like a Jefe, whats the difference?". Yes, at first glance you'd be hard pushed to spot any difference, but if you look again a few subtle changes will start to emerge.

Starting with some of the small differences, on the inside it still sports the fantastic and comfortable 'Bad-ass' outfitting, but it has been tweaked. It is possible now to flip the whole backband up and out of the way, allowing easy access to the rear of your kayak, great for getting your gear in and out, whether its your lunch, rescue gear or overnight expedition kit!

Comfy 'bad-ass' outfitting

The new flip over backband

Easy access to the back of the Stomper

Another small change that you might not spot straight away is the rear deck. The sides of the Stomper are softer and more rounded than the Jefe. Meaning water is less likely to load up on the rear deck, making it easier to paddle in boily, confused water.

Softer rear deck profile

But the biggest difference by far is the hull. The Stomper features a Semi-planning hull, with a flat central section, and softer higher rails. The Rocker profile has had some changes too. This makes the Stomper faster, and easier to turn in all situations. Combined with a more rounded sidewall this makes the Stomper easy to edge, and stable on edge too.

Semi-planning hull, with softer higher rails

So, if you are looking for a new creek boat, or just looking for your first river runner the Stomper is the boat for you. Stable, fast, easy turning, great boofing, comfortable, tough and with 5 attachment points.

The Stomper is available in two sizes the 80 and the 90.

The 80 is suitable for paddler 50-95kg and the 90 is suitable for paddlers 77-122kg.

Monday, 10 October 2011

New stuff!

We just cant get enough of new stuff!

Good job too as we have loads of it in the shop. A.S Staff had a quick road trip to Germany at the end of September to the Kanumesse trade show. This is the biggest paddles sports show around and is just mind boggling with the amount of stuff on show.
It was hard to keep our grubby mitts off it.

Check out our little gallery here: Kanumess part 1

Lots of the stuff on show is making its way to the shop or has already landed.

Coming soon: Liquid Logic Stomper, two sizes of the new flat bottomed creeker from LL.

New Dagger Mamber, 3 sizes in all. The medium will be first. This is due in a couple of weeks.
Prijon Pure, Big boy boat from Germany. Ewart has taken on the midium size the thrash around Dartmoor this winter. More on this when the rain comes and his busted collar bone are a bit more fixed. Doh!

New paddle variations form Werner due in a few weeks. Gone are the glass shaft Werner bent shafts. IN come the Carbon bent shafts with Glass blades. This will give stiffer shafts along with the durability of glass blades. All for just £10.00 more.

Most of the Palm kit is now here but there ar e a few bits still on the way. Unfortunately the Harlequin Extrem pfd seen at the show will not be for sale due to an increadable high price tag (over £500!).
However the lime greeen Amp is on its way!........

More soon...

Teignmouth canoe club sea kayak demo evening.

A month or so ago we went down to Teignmouth with some sea boats for the club to have a go in.

There are some nice pictures in our gallery here: Teignmouth Canoe club demo evening

And a video from one of the members. Minus points for having so much of Ewart in it.!

South West Canoe Show 2011. WOW!

Its been a while since our last blog and lots has happend.

The South West Canoe Show consumed our time some what. However, it was a fabulous day made even more amazing by the weather we had. Possibly one of the best days of the year?

There were a good numbers of visitors who all appeared to be having a great time checking out the latest and greatest in new paddling gear, boats and paddles. There are lots of photos up now in various places so we have tried to compile them here. If you have any we would love to see them!

Rather than fill the log with pics you can just follow the links. Here is one that for us sums up the whole weekend. Sun and fun with boats. The little lad in the picture had just won the junior race and is high fiving his sister!

SWCS On Facebook (no need to login)

Ewarts mobile pics

The Exe Big Paddle was a great success. The general idea was to have a very large social paddle down the Exe and back up the canal. Easay going but with plenty of local interest and with history and nature guided tours to pass on the info. There was lots of newcomers taking the chance to have a free taster session run by the guys and girls at Globe 360.

But the real highlight was the Cardboard canoe race in the late afternoon.

See the photos here: The Exe Big Paddle (as pics)
Palm Blog:

Many thanks to every one who gave up their time to make this event happen. Exeter Canoe Club, the volenteers from South Devon Collage, Andy Davey @ the BCU, Ben Heddon @ Haven Banks, Palm Equipment, Canoe England, the Wild Life Trust and all the guides and safety staff.

More blogs on the way!