Monday, 10 October 2011

New stuff!

We just cant get enough of new stuff!

Good job too as we have loads of it in the shop. A.S Staff had a quick road trip to Germany at the end of September to the Kanumesse trade show. This is the biggest paddles sports show around and is just mind boggling with the amount of stuff on show.
It was hard to keep our grubby mitts off it.

Check out our little gallery here: Kanumess part 1

Lots of the stuff on show is making its way to the shop or has already landed.

Coming soon: Liquid Logic Stomper, two sizes of the new flat bottomed creeker from LL.

New Dagger Mamber, 3 sizes in all. The medium will be first. This is due in a couple of weeks.
Prijon Pure, Big boy boat from Germany. Ewart has taken on the midium size the thrash around Dartmoor this winter. More on this when the rain comes and his busted collar bone are a bit more fixed. Doh!

New paddle variations form Werner due in a few weeks. Gone are the glass shaft Werner bent shafts. IN come the Carbon bent shafts with Glass blades. This will give stiffer shafts along with the durability of glass blades. All for just £10.00 more.

Most of the Palm kit is now here but there ar e a few bits still on the way. Unfortunately the Harlequin Extrem pfd seen at the show will not be for sale due to an increadable high price tag (over £500!).
However the lime greeen Amp is on its way!........

More soon...