Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Putting the boot in, with the new Liquidlogic Stomper

We've just been lucky enough to get our hands on the new Liquidlogic Stomper 80, so we thought we'd give you a quick run down on this great new kayak.

Many peoples first thoughts are, "It looks just like a Jefe, whats the difference?". Yes, at first glance you'd be hard pushed to spot any difference, but if you look again a few subtle changes will start to emerge.

Starting with some of the small differences, on the inside it still sports the fantastic and comfortable 'Bad-ass' outfitting, but it has been tweaked. It is possible now to flip the whole backband up and out of the way, allowing easy access to the rear of your kayak, great for getting your gear in and out, whether its your lunch, rescue gear or overnight expedition kit!

Comfy 'bad-ass' outfitting

The new flip over backband

Easy access to the back of the Stomper

Another small change that you might not spot straight away is the rear deck. The sides of the Stomper are softer and more rounded than the Jefe. Meaning water is less likely to load up on the rear deck, making it easier to paddle in boily, confused water.

Softer rear deck profile

But the biggest difference by far is the hull. The Stomper features a Semi-planning hull, with a flat central section, and softer higher rails. The Rocker profile has had some changes too. This makes the Stomper faster, and easier to turn in all situations. Combined with a more rounded sidewall this makes the Stomper easy to edge, and stable on edge too.

Semi-planning hull, with softer higher rails

So, if you are looking for a new creek boat, or just looking for your first river runner the Stomper is the boat for you. Stable, fast, easy turning, great boofing, comfortable, tough and with 5 attachment points.

The Stomper is available in two sizes the 80 and the 90.

The 80 is suitable for paddler 50-95kg and the 90 is suitable for paddlers 77-122kg.