Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Big "O" Film Show this weekend! Friday 2nd December

The Gene17 Adventure Paddlers weekend at the River Dart Country Park in Ashburton Devon is always one of our faveourite kayaking events. It has grown and grown and is now probabley the biggest gathering of white water paddlers in the South west and also with exception of the Student rodeo one of the biggest in the country. Usually blessed with good water levels (not looking too bad so far this year) its a great chance to hook up with firends old and new to share ideas about trips, get information on any aspect of an expedition and have a jolly good social.
The Friday night see the the Big O Film show. Olaf Obsommer is one of europes best ww paddlers and an amazing film maker. Come and see for your self!

Friday 2nd December’s entertainment, Olaf’s Adventure Kayak Movie Show in the Ballroom at the River Dart, for 19:30 to start at 20:00, online booking, £7.50 or £8 at the door.

The BIG-O movie tour programme takes about 90 minutes. 5 films will be shown, plus Q&A sessions.

From the Big O Studios the Adventure Kayaking Show trailer in English

Here’s the programme:

Ecuador – Jungle Adventure

Olaf Obsommer is fascinated by the primeval forest with all its plants and animals since a long time. When he and his team faced the challenges of »the gorge of holy waterfalls« on Rio Upano, things started to get serious. For Obsommer one of the pinnacles of his paddling career: »Rio Upano is Ecuador’s biggest head stream of the mighty Amazon. I brought home tons of amazing footage from South America, wild animals and spectacular scenery from this trip.«

Galapagos – Big Boss on holidays

Olaf shares his trip of a lifetime to the last paradise on earth with us. Sea lions, marine turtles, albatross, iguanas and many more exotic animals will fascinate the audience.

Mexico – a real river god

On their never-ending quest for the ultimate river god Olaf and the A-list of international kayaking travelled to Mexico’s Agua Azul. Here they found amazing whitewater, committing waterfalls and indescribable landscapes. Not only the whitewater paddlers will be thrilled by this segment – also the landlubbers will feel the adventurous spirit of this trip.

California – shattered dreams

California is known as the eldorado of steep creeking action. Every ambitious kayaker dreams about a trip to the High Serrias in the »Golden State«. But sometimes the weather just pees on your parade. A severe winter with a lot of snow issued a totally new challenge to the group and the boys had to learn that not every wish comes true.

Canada – Tatshenshini River

The »Tat« is a must-do for every canoeist. Approachable only by boat this remote river flows through the Canadian territory of British Columbia and Yukon. Grizzly-Bears and white-tailed eagles line the banks, majestic glaciers cover the surrounding mountains. After the Tatshenshini joins the Alsek River this crosses the US border and flows into the Pacific Ocean. For this trip Olaf teamed up with some friends to enjoy the rough beauty of North America and to shoot footage for his latest adventure documentary. This time it was not about the extreme but about the divine natural setting.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

The New Dagger Mamba 8.1, Spitting venom and ready for action

Straight out of the oven at Dagger Europe and now lurking in a corner of the AS Watersports shop, (ready to strike at any passing whitewater paddler) its the new Dagger Mamba 8.1. The design team at Dagger took the already successful and very popular Mamba range and have refined it to make it even better than before.

Spitting venom and ready for action, the new Dagger Mamba 8.1

The new Mamba features some neat and subtle differences from the original, all aimed at making the new Mamba quicker, smoother and easier to paddle. Whether you are just starting out in whitewater paddling, or a gnarly creeker the new Mamba ought to be on your hit list.

The New Dagger Mamba 8.1, looks fantastic!

First up the size/volume. All of the new Mambas are now slightly larger than the originals, this means that they fit a wider range of paddlers, and have a bit more room for comfort too. The popular mid sized Mamba the 8.1 will fit a wide range of paddlers from 70-100kg, while the larger 8.6 now fits 80-118kg while the smaller 7.6 fits paddler upto 77kg.

New Mamba on the left, old Mamba on the right

The hull shape has had a few small tweaks as well. The rocker profile has changed, with a slight injection of extra volume in the stern, to keep the speed up and also to keep it stable when punching through holes, crossing eddy lines and boils and exiting drops.

The Extra volume, and tweaked rocker in the tail. Extra speed and stability

Also on the hull the rails have been lifted slightly, this allows better edging, more forgiveness and the rails are less likely to trip over rocks or obstructions. Yet it will still carve in and out of eddies and across the current, and it will still snap into the smallest of micro eddies.

Over view of new and old. The New Mamba on the right and the old one on the left.

The New Dagger Mamba range has something to offer everyone on the river. There are three sizes to fit a huge range of people and there are two levels of outfitting. The river spec Mamba has an easy to adjust seat, and a welded hull stiffener, that allows you to move the seat forward or back by around 10cm. As well as the standard hip pads, full plate footrest, ratchet adjustable backrest, adjustable thigh braces and grab handles. This spec is great for paddlers who are looking at getting their first river runner, or clubs and centres who want an easy to adjust boat to fit a wide range of paddlers.
 Then there is the Creek spec, which comes with Daggers tough rotomoulded seat and bow stiffener. This spec is designed for the creek boaters and hardened whitewater fans. The extra strength and stiffness that the solid seat offers is a vital safety factor when you are planning to rack up the gradient.

Let Simon Westgarth tell you more about the new Mamba


The New Mamba is currently only available in the 8.1 size and in the adjustable spec, but fear not the boys and girls at Dagger are working feverishly to get the rest of the sizes and the full range of outfitting ready. We are expecting to see the rest of the range coming in early next year.

 You can check out all the specs on our website - Dagger Mamba River and Dagger Mamba Creek

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Burn vs Shiva, Pyranhas big boats go head to head.

With the new Shiva gettting ready to roll off the production line this winter you may be undecided which boat is for you.

Heres a little more on how to choose the right boat for you.

Burn V Shiva (Rails V Round Hull)
It’s all about the paddler really, how do you paddle and how do you like your boat to respond?

The Burns hard, carving rails give a precise and controlled feel, letting you drive around the river easily and the flat hull lets you surf and ferry with style. Do you like to make every little micro eddy? Work the river and enjoy a stylish and technical run? Then the Burn is probably the one for you.

The Shiva on the other hand has a rounded hull, soft stern chines a massive rocker and loads of volume. These features give you softer landings on big drops, rear driving force when you want it, awesome boofability and resurfacing capability. If you are running big drops and pushing harder lines the Shiva is the one you want.

Shiva – Ultimate Steep Creeker

Rounded Hull – Forgiving - Gives softer landings on big drops.
Smooth Stern Chines - No rails to trip you up but the chines gives driving force when you need it.
Progressive Rocker - Easy to Boof and Flair over features.
High Volume Bow & Stern – rides easily over features, resurfaces quickly.
Stern release edge - Allows really fast lines for drive. Low profile deck – Easy to roll.

RRP £949.00

Burn – Precision Creek Machine

Flat Hull – Dynamic - planning surface for surfing and ferrying.
Hard Carving Rails – Precision carving capability around the river.
Aggressive Rocker – For great boofability.
Medium volume bow and stern – Punches through features.
‘V’ed deck – sheds water and resurfaces with control.
Reprofiled deck – Easy to roll.

Staff member Ewart getting to grips with some tight steep technical paddling in the Pyranha Burn.

That's what Pyranha say. We think if you are paddling in the South West either boat will be good but the Burn may just have the edge as we just don't have any big water falls but we sure have some great technical paddling.

Burns are instock in all sizes, and we are able to offer some great prices for these instock colours.

RRP £949.00 Very special offer: £799.00

Call now to see what colours we have instock

01392 219600

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Dart Loop Maps

We are now stocking some very pretty maps of the Dart "Loop" by local artisit and paddler Julie Perren.

We have this version and soon will have a version with descriptions of the major rapids.

Call now or buy online by clicking the image above