Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Burn vs Shiva, Pyranhas big boats go head to head.

With the new Shiva gettting ready to roll off the production line this winter you may be undecided which boat is for you.

Heres a little more on how to choose the right boat for you.

Burn V Shiva (Rails V Round Hull)
It’s all about the paddler really, how do you paddle and how do you like your boat to respond?

The Burns hard, carving rails give a precise and controlled feel, letting you drive around the river easily and the flat hull lets you surf and ferry with style. Do you like to make every little micro eddy? Work the river and enjoy a stylish and technical run? Then the Burn is probably the one for you.

The Shiva on the other hand has a rounded hull, soft stern chines a massive rocker and loads of volume. These features give you softer landings on big drops, rear driving force when you want it, awesome boofability and resurfacing capability. If you are running big drops and pushing harder lines the Shiva is the one you want.

Shiva – Ultimate Steep Creeker

Rounded Hull – Forgiving - Gives softer landings on big drops.
Smooth Stern Chines - No rails to trip you up but the chines gives driving force when you need it.
Progressive Rocker - Easy to Boof and Flair over features.
High Volume Bow & Stern – rides easily over features, resurfaces quickly.
Stern release edge - Allows really fast lines for drive. Low profile deck – Easy to roll.

RRP £949.00

Burn – Precision Creek Machine

Flat Hull – Dynamic - planning surface for surfing and ferrying.
Hard Carving Rails – Precision carving capability around the river.
Aggressive Rocker – For great boofability.
Medium volume bow and stern – Punches through features.
‘V’ed deck – sheds water and resurfaces with control.
Reprofiled deck – Easy to roll.

Staff member Ewart getting to grips with some tight steep technical paddling in the Pyranha Burn.

That's what Pyranha say. We think if you are paddling in the South West either boat will be good but the Burn may just have the edge as we just don't have any big water falls but we sure have some great technical paddling.

Burns are instock in all sizes, and we are able to offer some great prices for these instock colours.

RRP £949.00 Very special offer: £799.00

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