Wednesday, 14 December 2011

More Exe Big Paddle pics

A few more pics from the Exe Big Paddle back in October. Showing yet again what a great day it was.

                                                      Signing during the prize giving

                                                          Carboard construction madness.

                                  Ewarts dad Peter gets back on the water for the first time in 20 years.

                      The guided tours were popular. The Exe above Topsham is perfect for all paddlers.

 Some cardboard canoes lasted better than others. The unseasonally good weather made swimming a lot of fun.

Sun, water and kayaks = massive fun! The Perception Expression and Dagger Alchemy are just perfect touring boats for this kind of water. Stable, responsive but not twitchy, fun and comfortable.  Ideal for begginers or even those coming back to paddling after a long break.

 St James, or Salmon Pool weir. Nice and easy in the summer levels. This weir is easily portaged if you dont want to run it (get out on the pontoon river right above the weir and put back in using the steps below. Just out of shot to the left).

This is all part of the Exeter canoe loops routes. Download the Exeter Canoe Loops map.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

the Rivers Source, A white water symposium

The Rivers Source is a new event being hosted by leading white water coaching  and guiding company Gene17 Kayaking in January 2012.

A.S Watersports will be hosting a repair workshop on the Saturday afternoon/evening.
During the workshop you will be able to learn how to fix your boat if you have split it. Workshop style repairs, when you have all your tools and repair materials and river bank repairs when its just what you have with you.

Get information on what to carry and how to use it.
In the second part of the workshop you can have a go at fixing your own kayak. If you haven't broken it it we will supply lots of pre-split plastic for you to try your new found welding skills.

See the info below more more details and how to book.

Always one to open new doors, Gene17 will start the New Year with a brand new event, The River’s Source, a coaching event for White Water Paddlers. This Symposium will be organised along three themes; Paddler, Club/Business & Industry and of course hosted in Devon, at the prime location of the River Dart Country Park.

We’ll invite all the leading providers, industry contributors and experts from far ranging fields. Work shops on white water kayak design, or a Q&A session about the legal position of a coach or club leader, starting a club or developing a competition/coaching programme, the list will be extensive and inviting.

We’ll offer the Symposium to day visitors and weekenders a like, see the River’s Source – a White Water Symposium for details. Symposium news along with other news from Gene17 can be found at Gene17Kayaking Facebook Group Events and our Twitter feed.

Booking info and full programme: the Rivers Source