Monday, 30 January 2012

Lettmann Paddles now in stock.

Lettmann Paddles, high spec, high tech, high performance kayak paddles now in stock. If you've not heard of Lettmann paddles before here is what you need to know; They are designed and hand built in Germany from the highest quality materials, to offer you the highest levels of performance. Lettmann was founded by Klaus Lettmann and they have their roots in competitive sport. No wonder, founder of the enterprise, Klaus Lettmann, was white water racing champion of the world. And his son and successor, Jochen Lettmann, is several times canoe slalom champion of Germany and got the bronze medal at the Olympic Games in Barcelona.
 Lettmann paddles are used today by many competitive paddlers, whether in polo, whitewater racing, slalom, or extreme racing. Local paddlers Steve 'Ugg' Whetman  and Ed Cornfield swear by their Lettmann paddles, and UK extreme racer Pete Scutt uses his while competing in the Etive river race and the Adidas Sickline.

Lettmann Ergo pro Extrem LCS70 whitewater paddle

Lettmann paddles are hand made, laid into a mould and then vacum formed, to ensure that the paddles contain the perfect balance of materials to resin, for maximum strength and minimal weight. The blades and shaft of Lettmann paddles are made as one piece, making them stronger and lighter, with a single joint in the centre of the shaft.

Lettmann Ergo pro LCS50 whitewater paddle

Lettmann paddles are available with Lettmanns Ergonomic shaft. The Crank shaft has a 'pistol' style grip that helps to naturally align your hands and wrists. This causes less stress and fatigue helping you to deliver more powerful strokes. The blades are also in front of the centre line of the shaft, which makes smoother and easier to control power strokes, while allowing you use a lighter grip.

Lettmann Ergo pro LCS50 touring paddle

The Profile blades feature a foam core, which helps to create exceptional stiffness and performance. The 3-D profile is based on an aeroplane wing. Like a wing, as a fluid passes over it creates pressure differences between the two faces, resulting in a super efficient power delivery. Draw strokes and bow rudders become super smooth and clean strokes. The foam core profile also has inherent buoyancy which helps improve rolling and bracing.

Lettmann Nordic WW LCS70 wing paddle

We will be stocking a range of the Lettmann paddles for both whitewater and touring paddlers in a range of different constructions.

The LCS70 Extrem construction is the top of the range construction, that has Carbon and Aramid blades and a Carbon shaft.

The LCS50 construction has Carbon and Glass blades and a Carbon Shaft.

We will be stocking the following range of paddles.

For more info, or to try out a set of paddles pop into our waterside Exeter shop, or call the shop on 01392 219600

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Pots Rodeo and Boater Exe up date.

Its all looking very good for next weekends Exeter Uni canoe Club event at Flower Pots- Mill on the Exe.

Mill on the Exe are putting on a Beer and Burger deal and will have drinks promos on the night. Don't worry as this year they have bought extra Hot Chocolate in to cope with demand.

Yak Adventure equipment will have a selection of drysuits for paddlers to test. Try out their new Titan suit along with some more of the range.  You may have to have your photo taken though!
There will be discounts available on the suit on the day and also vouchers for discount after the event.

Win a Titan drysuit on the upcoming Facebook competition. Keep your eyes on this page: Yak Adventure Equipment.

Booming Sounds to keep you amped up and ready to rumble provided by Sound Events

This years event is raising money for the Devon Air Ambulance. A very usefull serivce for paddlers who need help in remote locations. It is also a very expensive to run service and is funded by donations. Please dig deep and fill the collection buckets on site.
You can find out more about the Devon Air Ambulance Trust here:

Pots Rodeo Saturday 4th Feb. Mill on the Exe

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Another happy customer.

 Just before Christmas we sent another shiny kayak on its way to the water. This one was a beauty as well.

 The pictures don't do it justice as this P+H Cetus HV was stunning. The blue and black worked really well and the finish was impeccable. With a glass and Diolen layup this Cetus was a great weight and nicely durable. It even had a foam stiffener laid into the hull inside the boat. Which you can see inside the cockpit as a white strip.

 Factory fitted with a towing cleat and bullseye ready for towing and rescues. We then fitted a Silva 70p compass for further sea worthiness.

 Custom graphics finally set this Cetus HV off a treat. All ready for its soon to be very happy owner!

 Stunning and shiney black and blue. The black is not always advised for sea boats as it does show the scratches, this one was fitted with a keel strip to help keep it in good nick, the keelstrip was coloured to hull to keep it all looking smooth.
 Left hand side skeg slider controls. A skeg is still the most popular option on sea kayaks instead of rudders.

Colin, super pleased with his new P+H Cetus HV. What a great match to his van!  Colin used the P+H kayak customiser tool on the website to check out his dream boat.

Order a P+H Cetus online today: P+H Cetus

Gear Trippin'!

Trippin'! No, not psychedelics but moving your kit about. Sea to Summit are an Australian brand that have some really neat transportation solutions. Infact their canoe and kayak range is called Solution Gear.
Ewart has been testing the Gear Trip Deck bag and is loving it.

"So my trusty Nookie dry bag finally got binned. It was over 5 years old and was showing it. Thrown in the back of the van, dragged around Europe and kicked around Newbridge car park. It didn't get any love but it held up well. New kit bag time it was. The next in line was a very nice Ortlieb Rack pack. This now serves as my main kit bag. However I always have too many bits of extra kit in it. Spare thermals, socks, gloves etc.
Which is always handy to loan out if someone forgets something.  The only problem was I kept chucking my wet kit back in the bag with all the spare dry stuff. I needed help". (yes, we know that Ewart).

 Enter the Gear Trip from Sea to Summit. We first saw these last Autumn and thought they were good.
The idea is that you can store all your wet kit safely inside your kayak and it drains into your boat at the same time. The bag is made up of a nice ripstop nylon on the top and base with mesh sides for draining. A strong shock cord helps keep it on the cockpit rim and there is a nice big handle to pull it off and to carry it.

The gear trip fitted to a Wavesport Habitat 74 creek boat. You can see the handle at the front and the shock cord coming out the back. There is a slider on the shock cord to keep it tight around the boat.

Sea To Summit Gear Trip open

Here you can see the mesh sides to the bag that allow the drainage into your kayak.
A two way zip means you can open from either direction. There is plenty of room for every day paddling kit. Inside you can see Ewarts Palm Fuse cag in the LTD edition Harlequin colours and a Yak Descent pfd. Also inside are some Five-Ten Water Tennies, Yak Moray dry pants, Sweet Saviour thermal, Yak Toki thermal, Palm Ti soxs, Sweet Rocker helmet and a Playboat Pro team deck. Every thing Ewart needs for a day on the river. There is space for more as well. Then when you get home you can just chuck it in the bath, rinse off your kit and then carry it outside to hang up.

Over  all a great kit bag. £44.95, instock and ready to rock. Click to buy here.