Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Another happy customer.

 Just before Christmas we sent another shiny kayak on its way to the water. This one was a beauty as well.

 The pictures don't do it justice as this P+H Cetus HV was stunning. The blue and black worked really well and the finish was impeccable. With a glass and Diolen layup this Cetus was a great weight and nicely durable. It even had a foam stiffener laid into the hull inside the boat. Which you can see inside the cockpit as a white strip.

 Factory fitted with a towing cleat and bullseye ready for towing and rescues. We then fitted a Silva 70p compass for further sea worthiness.

 Custom graphics finally set this Cetus HV off a treat. All ready for its soon to be very happy owner!

 Stunning and shiney black and blue. The black is not always advised for sea boats as it does show the scratches, this one was fitted with a keel strip to help keep it in good nick, the keelstrip was coloured to hull to keep it all looking smooth.
 Left hand side skeg slider controls. A skeg is still the most popular option on sea kayaks instead of rudders.

Colin, super pleased with his new P+H Cetus HV. What a great match to his van!  Colin used the P+H kayak customiser tool on the website to check out his dream boat. http://www.phseakayaks.com/

Order a P+H Cetus online today: P+H Cetus