Monday, 30 January 2012

Lettmann Paddles now in stock.

Lettmann Paddles, high spec, high tech, high performance kayak paddles now in stock. If you've not heard of Lettmann paddles before here is what you need to know; They are designed and hand built in Germany from the highest quality materials, to offer you the highest levels of performance. Lettmann was founded by Klaus Lettmann and they have their roots in competitive sport. No wonder, founder of the enterprise, Klaus Lettmann, was white water racing champion of the world. And his son and successor, Jochen Lettmann, is several times canoe slalom champion of Germany and got the bronze medal at the Olympic Games in Barcelona.
 Lettmann paddles are used today by many competitive paddlers, whether in polo, whitewater racing, slalom, or extreme racing. Local paddlers Steve 'Ugg' Whetman  and Ed Cornfield swear by their Lettmann paddles, and UK extreme racer Pete Scutt uses his while competing in the Etive river race and the Adidas Sickline.

Lettmann Ergo pro Extrem LCS70 whitewater paddle

Lettmann paddles are hand made, laid into a mould and then vacum formed, to ensure that the paddles contain the perfect balance of materials to resin, for maximum strength and minimal weight. The blades and shaft of Lettmann paddles are made as one piece, making them stronger and lighter, with a single joint in the centre of the shaft.

Lettmann Ergo pro LCS50 whitewater paddle

Lettmann paddles are available with Lettmanns Ergonomic shaft. The Crank shaft has a 'pistol' style grip that helps to naturally align your hands and wrists. This causes less stress and fatigue helping you to deliver more powerful strokes. The blades are also in front of the centre line of the shaft, which makes smoother and easier to control power strokes, while allowing you use a lighter grip.

Lettmann Ergo pro LCS50 touring paddle

The Profile blades feature a foam core, which helps to create exceptional stiffness and performance. The 3-D profile is based on an aeroplane wing. Like a wing, as a fluid passes over it creates pressure differences between the two faces, resulting in a super efficient power delivery. Draw strokes and bow rudders become super smooth and clean strokes. The foam core profile also has inherent buoyancy which helps improve rolling and bracing.

Lettmann Nordic WW LCS70 wing paddle

We will be stocking a range of the Lettmann paddles for both whitewater and touring paddlers in a range of different constructions.

The LCS70 Extrem construction is the top of the range construction, that has Carbon and Aramid blades and a Carbon shaft.

The LCS50 construction has Carbon and Glass blades and a Carbon Shaft.

We will be stocking the following range of paddles.

For more info, or to try out a set of paddles pop into our waterside Exeter shop, or call the shop on 01392 219600