Thursday, 23 February 2012

Upping Sticks- A.S is on the move.

A.S Watersports are Relocating!

We are pleased to announce that we are moving the shop to new premises. The new shop is only 20 meters away on the Piazza Terricina where we have been trading for the last 17 years.

The new shop is just two meters away from the water, thats even closer than we are at the moment!

Our new shop, right next to the canal.

Bigger: 3000sq feet, twice the size of the current shop.

Better: More space, better displays, easier shopping, new facilities.

More: New brands, We are expanding our range of boats, paddles and kit.

We will be stocking the world famous drysuit brand Kokotat. Top end paddles from Lettmann and new boats from Hurricane. For more info on the new ranges see the new page here: News

The Quay to Adventure

Along with our new shop the quay is becoming a vibrant and exciting part of Exeter with plenty to do and see. The quay hosts a number of great cafes, bars and restuarants. The New Quay Climbing centre and Clip and Climb at the Quay has been very popular since opening in September. Work has started on the brand new £5.6 million Haven Banks outdoor education centre on the canal banks opposite the new shop, making the area a great destination for the outdoor enthusiast.
New shop opens Late March 2012.

Every one here is excited about the new shop but all have different feelings about leaving the old shop.

 "In the 17 years that we have been here the sport has changed and the range of products has grown alot to the point that we have out grown the shop so am looking forward to the extra space and the excitement of being in a new shop."
" I wont miss the ladders".

Ewart: "I've seen  many changes, shop layouts, staff changes, and kit changes. Moving in to the new shop gives me a great sense of excitment about where it will all go next. Even in the last ten years I've been at A.S the sport has progressed so much. Five years ago it was hard work to get me near a sit on top kayak, now I think nothing of getting some mates together to go kayak fishing. I'm really looking forward to working in the new shop as I reckon it will give us all a boost and hope we can pass on our new buzz to the customer. I'm also looking forward to having a few beers while looking back at the good times had in the old shop, laughing at some pretty dodgy pictures of us all looking much younger, fitter and not so grey!"

Liam: " I love the higgildy piggildy nature of our current shop but it's gone past being full, its really starting to burst at the seams! The new shop is beautiful even before its full of shiny kayak kit. The wall next to the water is completely made of glass so it's a great view and plenty of natural light. Twice as much floor space allows us to display everything better but I'm also really keen to use the space in the evenings. I want to invite people down to deliver talks on their recent adventures. I spend lots of time paddling the waters round the shop and now spend the evenings enjoying the new climbing wall. The Quay is a great destination to spend a day. With this new unit the South West Canoe Show is going to look even more spectacular this year! "  

Jemma: "We have been crying out for more room for a while now, we had two choices really, reduce what we stocked or move to bigger premises, we didn't want to reduce the wide range of products that we stock, so we decided to move. I am excited about the new shop because as well as being able to display products much better than we currently do, we will now have more space meaning we can take on new brands such as Kokatat and Hurricane Kayaks. I'm looking forward to a tidy, much more organised shop, that will look really smart to."

We would love to hear your thoughts on the new shop, drop us an email or pop in. The kettle will be on.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Liam returns from Ecuador.

Ecuador 2012. 

Last week I returned from a 3 week kayaking trip in Ecuador and I still haven't stopped smiling. I spend most my hours in the Summer on the water teaching kayaking to and I absolutely love it. Though with the winter coming up I knew I was to be spending a bit more time indoors and started getting itchy feet so I decided to book a trip to Ecuador, South America. I'd had my eye on this location for over a year and a half.

Past trips to France, Italy and Switzerland have all ways been with a group of friends and organizing everything for ourselves. That's something I love doing. Though this time I wanted a different sort of trip. Admittedly I wanted to be a little lazy. So headed out on my to Ecuador on my own and joined Small World Adventures an outfitter who spend the winter months guiding week long trips and clinics . They have been guiding there for 15 plus years. Accommodation, food, drivers, vans boats were all part of the cost. This meant I could relax and save your energy for the paddling!

Enjoy the Photos!

Friday, 3 February 2012

50% Off Big Dog Kayaks at the Pots Rodeo.

Big Dog kayaks are giving away a massive 50% Off voucher to the winning uni team at this weekends
 Pots Rodeo and Boater-Exe.

The winning team get a Big Dog kayak of their choice and only pay for half of it. Thats a BIG prize.

The event is still open to anyone over the age of 18 (on the day of competition) but this prize if for Uni teams only.


Get all the event info on the Pots Website.