Thursday, 9 February 2012

Liam returns from Ecuador.

Ecuador 2012. 

Last week I returned from a 3 week kayaking trip in Ecuador and I still haven't stopped smiling. I spend most my hours in the Summer on the water teaching kayaking to and I absolutely love it. Though with the winter coming up I knew I was to be spending a bit more time indoors and started getting itchy feet so I decided to book a trip to Ecuador, South America. I'd had my eye on this location for over a year and a half.

Past trips to France, Italy and Switzerland have all ways been with a group of friends and organizing everything for ourselves. That's something I love doing. Though this time I wanted a different sort of trip. Admittedly I wanted to be a little lazy. So headed out on my to Ecuador on my own and joined Small World Adventures an outfitter who spend the winter months guiding week long trips and clinics . They have been guiding there for 15 plus years. Accommodation, food, drivers, vans boats were all part of the cost. This meant I could relax and save your energy for the paddling!

Enjoy the Photos!