Thursday, 8 March 2012

The ceilings the limit!

The new shop is really starting to take shape and its looking more like a shop and less like a building site everyday!

Jim has been making a start on our counters and wall fittings.

Sam's new home for internet orders...well it will stop him cluttering up our main counter!

Our boat racks on the wall.

The final ceiling tiles going in!

Even Mitch has been drafted in to work on our wall fixings!

As you can see the new shop is really starting to take shape and we're all very excited about moving in to our new home!
Our current shop will close at 5pm on Saturday 17th March and we will be closed Monday 19th to Friday 23rd to give us chance to move everything over so we can open our new shop on Saturday 24th March!
Unfortunately we will not be despatching internet orders during this time, but you can still make orders and they will be despatched on Monday 26th March.