Thursday, 1 March 2012

New shop takes shape.

As the post title suggests the new shop is taking shape with progress speeding up as we near the opening towards the end of the month.
Random images from today. Lights going in, floor going down. A new era is in sight.

    Sam playing at being a Sparkys assistant.

Floor going down in the main room.

                                                                       Lots of lights!

Just lots going on. 3 teams in today. Electrician, buliders and plumbers. Staff shower and disabled loos going in.

We are all very excited about this opening at about the same time as us. A brand new deli and sandwich shop only feet from the door!

Keeping it in the family. Ex staffer Roger Ford from Ford home electrics making things shine!

                                                       Another fine day in tropical Exeter.

The next two weeks are jam packed. We will keep posting as it happens!