Tuesday, 27 November 2012

First Surf? - New waves on the Exe

Big water levels always throw up potential new spots for paddling. River features change, new features appear so its time to go searching.

Ex Exeter local now residing in the Thames Valley an the Current British Freestyle league Champion Sam Anderson went in search of new waves to play on.
Roger and Ewart had seen this wave before but at slightly lower levels but had never given it a go before. the consequence of a swim is not too high as there are no features behind it but you can never be sure. At lower levels the feature that would appear in the same place is very nasty.

But as we said, Sam is the British Freestyle Champion so he knows what he's doing. Do not try this at home!

Check out the rest of his photos of the first surf here:

Ewart has also been off hunting for new waves and has found another potential unriden wave less than a mile away from Flower Pots. More on that soon......