Saturday, 19 January 2013

Ollies Go-Pro camera kayak rig

AS Watersports youngest team member, Ollie, loves trying to film his paddling antic with his Go-Pro camera, but has been after some sort of rig to allow him to get better camera angles, rather than just having the camera stuck straight on his deck or helmet. 
 After much discussion, and ideas of bodging something up out of broken tripod parts we had a brain wave! Everything we needed to create a versatile and adjustable camera rig was in-stock and available straight off the shelf.
The whole system is made with Parts from Scotty, who normally cater to the fishing market, but even kayak fishermen like to take pictures and video of their catch. They make a ready made camera mount, that will accept either a Go-pro camera, or a standard compact camera. The Mount allows plenty of adjustment and rotation and comes with a fitting that will either fit to Scotty Mounting points or a rail mount that fits to rails 12mm - 32mm in diameter. We then combined that with an adjustable gear head mount, that offers extra height and reach for the camera mount, allowing more camera angles than you can shake a light meter at! To attach it all to a boat we used a Scotty locking base with a rail mounting adaptor that allows the rig to be attached to any solid security handles/grab handles/rescue points on your kayak. The Rail mount is designed to work with diameters from about 21mm - 26mm so it does need a little bit of hard foam, or plastic, or even a bit of old hose pipe just to beef up the diameter of the grab handle to make a solid mount. The Base unit measures approx 90mm x 50mm so check your kayak first. We have currently fitted it to kayaks made by Dagger, Liquid Logic, Wavesport, Big dog and Eskimo. But be aware that it needs enough space to fit onto. Look carefully at the pictures below, and if your un-sure give the shop a call on 01392 219600

 The Rig offers a whole range of new camera angles, and can easily be adjusted on the water.

 A front camera mount option

 Easily extend the camera beyond the front or rear of your kayak

 Hanging the camera off to one side is quick to set up and offers a great angle
The Camera mount on its own (cameras shown for illustration purposes only)

All of these parts are available now from stock, so get yours now, and get planning your next kayak film...

To make a complete Rig you will need

 Total £69.96