Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Arrgh me hearties

                                          Hmmm, hope theres no pirates lurking in that mist.
Another fine morning on the Exeter Quayside. Ewart snapped this one with his phone on Tuesday morning. Yes, he does get to work early some days!

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Flashback pt 3 Exe Descent 2004

 Now this really is the good ol' days. The Exe Descent is a legendary race from that went from Salmon Ponds in Tiverton to the quay in Exeter. Just over 19 miles of flat water torture with some spice weir action thrown in for good measure.
 This hole is less than a 100 mtrs from the start line and had many crews out of their boats and inthe water. Given that it was held in November that sets you up for a pretty miserable experience if you were not properly prepared.

 Total carnage. Being a spectator was definitely a better idea!


 The Mighty Pots bites back!

 Round we go
 and again
 and finally spat out!

 Eek, river right with a double sit on top. The first SOT to do the race we think.

 Winner fo the K1 slalom class Andy Hambley. He dominated the race and won the Boater Cross at Mill on the Exe the night before.

 haha, and more haha.

Thanks to Pete Ford from Yak for the photos.

A big shout out to Exeter Canoe Club for all the years they ran this event with very little thanks.
A brief history can be found here:

Flashback pt 2- Before racing, and after- Prizes!

 Racers getting briefed on the course and safety.

 Playboats of the day, Bliss Stick RAD, Riot Turbo, LL skip

  Racers getting briefed on the course and safety.

 Oops, you seem to have a fallen over Andy. It must be your sports performance drink! Ever the Athlete.

You've been tangoed!