Thursday, 11 April 2013

Sweet Dude!

You only get one head!

Oh yes. Sweet 2013 is on its way. Shipping commenced this week so you can literately hold on to your hats! 

Facts and figures

Here at AS Watersports we are firm believers in safety first. Whilst we make ever effort to advise you on whats the right kit for the job there will always be those who choose to ignore the advice. 

You only get one head!

Please use some common sense and get the best helmet you can afford. 
Too often we hear paddlers who are just starting out or are at an intermediate level looking to do a bit more saying " I'm not good enough for one of those"  

We are going to be blunt here: "Are you good enough not too?" 

Lets face it, in the earlier stages of paddling we all spend more time upside down or out of our boat. 
Our heads need protecting as much as the next person.
To use a common phrase " Grade 2 rocks hurt as much as Grade 5 rocks."

The Wanderer in our eyes should be the de-facto entry to intermediate level white water helmet. 
Excellent protection and coverage in a stylish and very comfortable helmet. 
The little extra cost of the Sweet helmets is due to the work and effort spent in getting the fit right, excellent protection levels, advanced materials and high end features. 
 All you have to do to see this is try one on. 

White water, Surf, Rock hopping,  Free style are all perfect for the Wanderer. 

                                 Buy now

The Rocker. The White water helmet.

This helmet has become the standard for white water paddling world wide. 
In fact we don't think we need to say too much.
Certification that exceeds the CE mark for watersports helmets by miles, amazing fit and comfort all backed up with high end construction and materials. If you want to protect your head from the dangers of the river then this is the helmet for you. Thermoplastic laminated carbon shells offer the rigidity of carbon for stiffness where you need it, flexibility in areas that need some give to help absorb impact and an EPP liner that has some memory and is fantastic for shock absorption.

Ah, the good ol' Strutter, The helmet that started the Sweet revolution.  A Plastic outer with a carbon liner still offers good protection for less demanding environments. It is a lower volume helmet more suited to play boating (freestyle) surfing and sea kayaking where the impacts tend to be less and at lower speeds.  It still has style as well.

             Sweet we love you. Buy them here now .