Wednesday, 17 July 2013

River SUP'in

More SUP action from Ewart. This time heading out with Ben down the River Exe to Countess weir and back on the canal. (Exeter Canoe loops 1)
Loads of Mullet, a Komodo dragon, Pirates, a tiny surf and lots of sun.
The Red Paddle 10.8 Mega is just the job for this run. Super tough and forgiving on the moving water. The Werner Spanker foam core paddle also does the job well. Its so stiff there's plenty of power. The foam core gives some nice support when its needed as well.

 Always time for Air Guitar! Ben tunes up.

 Ferry glides and eddying out. The same principals as in a kayak or canoe.  Transferable skills, if you have them. If not, get some coaching.

A quick fish.

Ewart headed out to Budleigh with a few friends (yes, he has some) last Thursday.
The weather was lush, there was a little swell running over the reef which made for a fun paddle in out and back in.  Plenty of Mackerel about with Tom and Ewart getting the most.

For ease of kayak fishing Ewart has trimmed his feather rig down to just three hooks. This time with a small glo in the dark shrimp pattern which was very effective in the dimming light. He thinks 5 hooks are A, to much on the kayak. If you have 5 fish on flapping every where its chaos and if just a couple of fish then you have empty hooks that can get caught in your clothing, hands, face etc. B, its just plain greedy. If there's Mackerel about you will soon catch some more. Take just enough for your tea or the rest of the session. Any you touch will die pretty quickly if returned.

Tom took out his Prowler elite 4.5 which he loves and Dan and Ewart teamed up on the Malibu 2 XL Angler
This was super stable and pretty quick with both of them on it. Coming back in over the reef they were glad of the speed and surfed a few swells right back into the river mouth. The C Tug trolleys carried the loads and as always were more than up to the job and stowed nicely in the kayak hatches.

 Tom fully loaded.

 Budleigh is lush. The River Otter sweeping its way to the sea.

 Budleigh Reef just about showing its teeth

 oooh Tompo.

Lots of fun and a nice surf and turf on Friday.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

SUPin' crazy

In his quest to get his shoulder strong Ewart has been hitting the SUP hard in the last week. A few sessions down the canal after work and a trip to Exmouth and Orcombe point with Ollie on Tuesday for some waves.
It was the first time in the surf for both of them but within a couple of minutes they were both catching some nice knee to waist high waves. (much to the annoyance of some other locals who had been SUP'in for 6 months and not yet caught a wave!)

Ollie paddles back out at Orcombe point. Yes, Waves and warm water in July! 
Picture taken through Ewarts Aquapac

Sundays paddle down the canal, absolute bliss. Catch the last game of Wimbledon and a pint of cold cider (plus 2 glasses of water, thirsty work)

All sessions have been on the Red Paddle 10.8 mega. The boards are the same as we use in our hire fleet. Great for first time Stand Up Paddlers as they are super stable and very tough. 

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Kayak The Amazon.

An Adventure to follow!

At the end of the July three paddlers are attempting to paddle the entire length of the Amazon.

David Midgley, Don Beveridge and Darcy Gaetcher are aiming to launch at the end of July.

If they are successful Darcy will be the first ever female to finish it where as David will be the first ever British paddler to complete the entire length.

"The original plan for Kayak The Amazon was written on a tablecloth in a bar in Scotland by Midge. That was nine years ago. After discovering that it would mean learning how to whitewater kayak he signed up for the beginners’ course at London’s Regents Canoe Club in 2005 and has never looked back. After kayaking in Norway, USA, Costa Rica, Morocco, France, Spain, Slovenia and Ecuador he now feels he’s ready for the Amazon – with Don and Darcy to stop him from killing himself!"

Best of Luck to you three