Wednesday, 17 July 2013

A quick fish.

Ewart headed out to Budleigh with a few friends (yes, he has some) last Thursday.
The weather was lush, there was a little swell running over the reef which made for a fun paddle in out and back in.  Plenty of Mackerel about with Tom and Ewart getting the most.

For ease of kayak fishing Ewart has trimmed his feather rig down to just three hooks. This time with a small glo in the dark shrimp pattern which was very effective in the dimming light. He thinks 5 hooks are A, to much on the kayak. If you have 5 fish on flapping every where its chaos and if just a couple of fish then you have empty hooks that can get caught in your clothing, hands, face etc. B, its just plain greedy. If there's Mackerel about you will soon catch some more. Take just enough for your tea or the rest of the session. Any you touch will die pretty quickly if returned.

Tom took out his Prowler elite 4.5 which he loves and Dan and Ewart teamed up on the Malibu 2 XL Angler
This was super stable and pretty quick with both of them on it. Coming back in over the reef they were glad of the speed and surfed a few swells right back into the river mouth. The C Tug trolleys carried the loads and as always were more than up to the job and stowed nicely in the kayak hatches.

 Tom fully loaded.

 Budleigh is lush. The River Otter sweeping its way to the sea.

 Budleigh Reef just about showing its teeth

 oooh Tompo.

Lots of fun and a nice surf and turf on Friday.