Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Kayak The Amazon.

An Adventure to follow!

At the end of the July three paddlers are attempting to paddle the entire length of the Amazon.

David Midgley, Don Beveridge and Darcy Gaetcher are aiming to launch at the end of July.

If they are successful Darcy will be the first ever female to finish it where as David will be the first ever British paddler to complete the entire length.

"The original plan for Kayak The Amazon was written on a tablecloth in a bar in Scotland by Midge. That was nine years ago. After discovering that it would mean learning how to whitewater kayak he signed up for the beginners’ course at London’s Regents Canoe Club in 2005 and has never looked back. After kayaking in Norway, USA, Costa Rica, Morocco, France, Spain, Slovenia and Ecuador he now feels he’s ready for the Amazon – with Don and Darcy to stop him from killing himself!"

Best of Luck to you three