Wednesday, 10 July 2013

SUPin' crazy

In his quest to get his shoulder strong Ewart has been hitting the SUP hard in the last week. A few sessions down the canal after work and a trip to Exmouth and Orcombe point with Ollie on Tuesday for some waves.
It was the first time in the surf for both of them but within a couple of minutes they were both catching some nice knee to waist high waves. (much to the annoyance of some other locals who had been SUP'in for 6 months and not yet caught a wave!)

Ollie paddles back out at Orcombe point. Yes, Waves and warm water in July! 
Picture taken through Ewarts Aquapac

Sundays paddle down the canal, absolute bliss. Catch the last game of Wimbledon and a pint of cold cider (plus 2 glasses of water, thirsty work)

All sessions have been on the Red Paddle 10.8 mega. The boards are the same as we use in our hire fleet. Great for first time Stand Up Paddlers as they are super stable and very tough.